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JustBlog Team

JustBlog Team

SEO on Justblog




Welcome to Justblog.ai - This post is updated frequently to highlight the advantages of using Justblog.ai as your blogging platform. Feel free to jump to the comments and add on anything you want us to add here.


Metadata matters, at least to the computers. That is why every post has configurable sections for metadata. You can enter you standard title and description information, or you can let us generate it for you.


Every great blog has great images. We work hard to deliver and provide you with the tools to craft compelling content and include images.

AI Generated Images

You can generate your own images inside of our world class post editor. Simply click on the images button on the sidebar, and enter a prompt. You can use our default model which leverages OpenAI image generations, or turn on specialized models which will leverage specialized models that are fine tuned for the style of image you are generating. Try out the different options and find one that works for you.


Everyone knows that performance matters for SEO - Nobody wants a slow loading blog. Let’s go over just some of the performance based features of hosting your blog on Justblog.

Backed by AWS

That’s right, no matter what plan you choose, we host and deliver your content via AWS and a global distribution of hardware and software services. Everything is built with scalability and disaster recovery in mind - this means, your blog is safe and accessible. We evaluated a number of architectures for deployment, but currently, your blog will leverage a combination of technologies including ECS, S3, Event Bridge, Lambda, Cloud Front and more. What’s even more impressive is that all of this is included for you, even using our standard plan which currently starts at only $5 / month.

Hot persistent compute

One struggle blog owners often have, is how to make their blog faster. Often there are a number of factors which can contribute to your overall performance. When we built Justblog, we compared various technologies like Vercel and Amplify. We believe the future will be hot serverless workers distributed globally. Currently though, edge functions in AWS have cold startup times sometimes of 1 second. Keeping them warm only patches the issue, as under load, the same cold start issue happens.

That is why Justblog uses ECS with fargate for server side generation, cloudfront for static assets and serverless DBs for storage. We believe the infrastructure has the right balance of persistent compute coupled with geographic distribution of static assets for optimum performance.

TLDR: Your blog will be fast on Justblog, we designed it that way!

Powered by NextJS

Our backed uses NextJS - We believe in the framework and community and believe it is at the forefront of edge compute. At build time, we separate all assets into two buckes - static and SSG. Then we serve all static assets with cloudfront and all dynamic content with persistent compute. When edge compute improves in terms of latency, we will be ready to migrate our persistent compute to the edge. The end goal will be 100% of compute and storage delivered from the edge.

Image optimizations

We store all of your images in the cloud. What’s more, is that at fetch time, we resize and reformat the images, to deliver them to the end user, as efficiently as possible. This matters, because you don’t want to waste time on mobile waiting for a 4k image to download, when you’re only going to display it at a max width of 330px - we get that. When you blog on Justblog.ai all of your images are automatically optimized at fetch time or they are delivered from global distributed edge nodes (statically stored).

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JustBlog Team

We are the JustBlog.ai Team. We will create posts about the platform.

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SEO on Justblog

SEO on Justblog

Welcome to Justblog.ai - This post is updated frequently to highlight the advantages of using Justblog.ai as your blogging platform. Feel free to jump to the comments and add on anything you want us to add here.

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