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JustBlog Team

JustBlog Team

How to choose a topic for a blog


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Our topic choosing strategy

So, you want to write a blog? Problem is that you’re having trouble deciding on your topic or niche. I think first you need to know what it is you want out of your blog, what are your goals? The problem most people face is that they lack focus. Focus isn’t concentration, it is doing the little things that result in the long-term big thing getting done. I am writing this blog post, from my perspective of finding a topic for a blog that I intend to monetize. In that case, we need to know who our audience are or is, what problems do they have and then we need to answer them.

Why would you want your blog to solve other people’s problems? Well, think about it. When do you go searching Google? Answer is that you search when you want an answer. So, by finding problems to write about you can find people that are searching (Traffic).

Who is your people?

Before you can find the problems that people are searching for, you need to be able to know who your people are. Remember, for me, it’s all about people that want to blog, primarily small businesses. I chose to focus on people that blog, because JustBlog.ai which I promote is a blogging platform! However, you can use the same strategy.

It’s okay if you have no idea where to start, so maybe just start throwing out some things that will narrow down your target audience. Are they male or female, age, what interests do they have, how often do they do X each week. You get the idea. By mapping out characteristics about your ideal audience you will start get clarity on how you can find them.

Your people will tell you what they need help with

Once you have an audience picked out, you can checkout online communities to help you find people talking about problems in your niche. By compiling a list of these issues, you can tailor your blog posts to address these specific needs and provide solutions that resonate with your audience. This approach not only helps you establish yourself as a helpful resource but also increases engagement and loyalty among your readers.

Creating synergy

The synergy created here is important. Think about this blog post and all of the synergy I am creating.

  1. I searched Reddit for problems people have in blogging. That’s how I got the title for this post. Why did I choose blogging? Hint: JustBlog.ai - I want to promote our platform.

  2. I use JustBlog to write the content, this helps me write better content, but it also helps me with firsthand experience with our editor and helps me see pain points for anyone trying to write on the platform.

  3. I then publish the content and include a snippet in our newsletter. So, the content also helps inform newsletter readers and boosts the value of information I am providing to our audience.

  4. Search engines will pick up the article on JustBlog.ai and send traffic to this post. It helps promote JustBlog.ai


I’ve kept this post brief basically to not overwhelm you if you’re stuck. We could go on and on about all the ways to align your goals with your target audience and market match and segmented audiences, yada yada, blah blah blah - The truth is, you can always change your niche. You will only learn through doing.

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JustBlog Team

We are the JustBlog.ai Team. We will create posts about the platform.

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How to choose a topic for a blog

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So, you want to write a blog? Problem is that you’re having trouble deciding on your topic or niche. I think first you need to know what it is you want out of your blog, what are...

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